Monday, 26 November 2012

SAP BPC Online Server Access

How to Practice SAP BPC , Even we May had Many Doubts Regarding

We Can Practice BPC in 2 ways,They are :

1.By taking Online Server Access for SAP BPC, we can Practice from Any system Any where But
   Internet Connection is Compulsory for it.  (BEST METHOD FOR PRACTICING)

2,By Installing SAP BPC in Our Laptop or in portable Hard disk & Can Practice from Anywhere
   with this Without Any Internet Connection..  ( Many Problems are involved )

The Above are all methods Available for Practicing SAP BPC....

So the Best Option for Practicing in ONLINE SERVER ACCESS Only..

For ONLINE REMOTE ACCESS for Practicing SAP BPC can be used  24/7 Globally without Any Installation in Laptop Just Simply Taking "Remote Desktop Connection" ( RDC ) ( Very Easy to Practice )

We Provide Online Remote Access to SAP BPC SERVER on Monthly Subscription basis at a very Cheaper Prices , Just you Require is Internet Connection......

We Provide Remote Desktop Access (RDC)  for :

SAP BPC 7.5 Online Server Access ( BI + BPC 7.5 )

SAP BPC 10 Server Access (ECC + BI + BPC 10 )

SAP BPC 10 Access  ( BI 7.3 + BPC 10 )

SAP BPC 10 with HANA Server Access ( ECC + BI  + BPC  + HANA  )

SAP HANA Server Access

Any Other Server Access You Required for Practicing...

To KNOW Remote Desktop Procedure (RDC) : CLICK HERE

Any one Interested for SAP BPC ONLINE REMOTE ACCESS 


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Please Note : All SAP Software which we do provide are only IDES versions.This SAP IDES Software will enable you to Train as a SAP Professional and also Practice as if you are in real time production environment.Full commercial license can be purchased only from SAP AG, Germany.SAP® is the registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries




For SAP BPC 10 Training : CLICK HERE


For SAP BPC 10 End to End Implementation Project :  CLICK HERE


  1. The BPC 10 Server Access is very Simple to use without any VPN Installations , this gave me many advantages of accessing server from any system any time...

    The BPC 10 Server Access you provided is also Very Fast for Practicing..

    Thank you griteshkaran for providing Best Server Access..

    kind regards,

  2. I have been using the SAP BPC 10.1 server access for a little over a month and it has been trouble free. Gritesh has always been proactive in providing the best service. Thank you, Gritesh.



  3. Hi Gritesh,

    Very fast & quick server access. Thanks for providing good service.

    Swaroop Kumar noothi

  4. I Need BPC 10 Access with BI & ECC But i had few queries :

    What we Need to Install in our System ?

    What is the System Configuration we Need to have ?

    Can we Access from Any system ?

    What is Connecting Procedure to the Server ?

    Give Me Complete details

    Awaiting for your Reply....

    1. Hi Sushal Iyengar ,

      No Need to Install Anything in your Laptop or Desktop , BPC 10 Server can be Easily Accessed through RDC ( Remote Desktop Connection )....

      Your System configuration is Irrespective here ,There No Relation between your System Configuration and RDC .

      From Any system with Internet Connection with 1 mbps is Recommended to Access Server through RDC ,

      We had update RDC Connection Procedure in the Above Post , please go through that PDF.....

      No Need to Worry about Anything , it is very Simple & Easy to Access BPC 10 Server through RDC for Practicing...

      All our server are through RDC only , No VPN or No Installations Required....

      Now I Hope your All doubts are Clarified , If you have Still Any Doubts , Please MAIL us :