Thursday, 15 May 2014

SAP BPC 10 Package

Thanks to Everyone for Making our " SAP BPC PACKAGE " a Huge Success...

On Request from Many Learners Now we are Introducing " SAP BPC 10 Package "
in addition to above for Learners who are Interested to Learn SAP BPC 10 Only..

The SAP BPC 10 Package Contains following 2 Trainings :

1.SAP BPC 10 Training

2.SAP BPC 10 END to END Implementation Training

To Know More details on Above 2 Training Click on them (Or) Refer Below

For Purchase Please MAIL to :

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  1. Hi gritesh karan,

    I am shirish from Texas working in FI from many years , I been trying to update to BPC and Searching for Best training then i Found these guys these guys have a special training program for BPC 10 with 2 Different Trainings,I purchased Both,Their Coverage is Very Outstanding by Covering Many Advanced topics.

    Especially the SAP BPC 10 END to END Implementation Training is Awesome Covering Whole Implementation Project of BPC 10...

    keep up the good work,you delivered what you promised...

    Thank you for your Quality Services....

    Shirish mandadi,
    San Antonio,Texas

  2. Hello friends,

    Perfect Training for who are planning to Learn BPC 10 Perfectly...

    myself sai working in FICO from past 5 years,from last 3 months i am looking to update to BPC due to good opportunities in the market.

    I had worst Experience with TechEtraining regarding BPC Online training,you tube videos are much better than their training,for that they wasted 3 months time , I wasted 800$ in TechEtraining ,There is a big Exploitation and cheating going on in these online trainings

    I started searching Internet for other sources of trainings on BPC , then i found this BLOG & Contacted KARAN , He gave good clarity on his training and its coverage of topics.I am very much Impressed and purchase whole the package of BPC 10 ,Simple purchasing process.

    Even i am able to complete whole trainings in 20 days only...

    Very well organized training , i am very happy with their training...

    Thanks for your Continuous support and guidance.

  3. Incredible Amazing Package , Griteshkaran Team rocks!!!!! Yippeyyyyyyyyy

  4. I am working in UK as a SAP BW consultant. I was browsing the net for people providing online training and came across these guys. I am happy with the material provided. It is very detailed and easy to understand. the team was always ready to help solve my issues and very quick to respond to my questions. I am in the middle of my course, hope I get the continued support through out the course that I received so far.

  5. I am working in USA as a SAP Financials Consultant for more than 12 years. I have purchased the whole package of BPC 10 training . It is well organized and I find it very useful. Thanks Gritesh for your support.

  6. I am managing large accounts in SAP, working as Engagement Manager.
    I have completed SAP BPC 10 Planning session. The sessions were detailed, live examples and immediately practical sessions make the videos really interesting. The trainer has very detailed knowledge on SAP BPC planning and sessions are planned in very structured manner. Really makes you feel comfortable even if you do not have much knowledge on SAP.
    Access to server is really fantastic, excellent performance of the server, excellent speed while working on the server. Absolutely no issues, server was never down, no errors whiles accessing the servers.

  7. Hi Gritesh Karan,

    The BPC training material is really good, and very helpful for my career growth. I should really appreciate the Gritesh team with good BPC Training and Implementaion documents.And coming to server access it is speed and good for practicing. No issues with server access.
    Nagadhar A Sr.SAP FICO Consultant/Analyst. USA

  8. Hi gritesh karan,

    I am a BW Consultant from France and I bought the BPC 10 PACKAGE last month.

    I am now in the middle of the training and I am very happy. The training have a very good quality.

    Thanks Gritesh for your support. I’ll update my comment in the end of the training.

    I bought also the end to end implementation but I don’t start the training. I’ll send a comment for this training in the future.

    Best regards

  9. Hi this is narendra i am so happy i a am buying this e2e package this is the best way to learning sap bpc & gritesh karan is the right person who all r the thinking to buy this package he will give the guidence from starting to ending of this course thanking u karan & beleave.100%of this package & satisfaction...........

  10. Hi this is Ram, Really Wonder full videos to learn BPC with out any trainer. This is a great work from KARAN and his team.

    Thanks KARAN

  11. I am now in the middle of the training and I am very happy. The training have a very good quality.

    Thanks Gritesh for your support. I’ll update my comment in the end of the training. I am in the middle of the training. All material is useful.

    I bought also the end to end implementation but I don’t start the training. I’ll send a comment for this training in the future.

  12. Hi All ,

    I am ABAP Consultant working in Delhi , I was very Impressed about the Information you shared about trainings in your Website and purchased the package after talking to you . The Course content is very Transparent of the trainings regarding coverage.

    I am glad to inform you almost my job is confirmed in Malaysia and waiting for Call letter and other processing to be started.

    I had a wonderful learning experience with this Package. I would recommend this Package to all.

    Pro's :

    1.While going through training the way of teaching is very good and creates interest in us about learning bpc.

    2.All basics are covered If you follow sessions perfectly and do hands on practice as per the guidance given in training.

    3.The BPC 10 Server provided is also very Fast and available all the time

    4.All the topics are covers as per their Course Content

    5.The Most Appreciable thing is the Continuous Support from Karan all over the training is impressed me

    6.Good Career guidance for me from Karan to go for ( ABAP + BW + BPC ) in to Market for job trails , Now i am getting good Calls from world wide for new job vacancies

    7.Karan Shared some Sap press books of BPC 10 which he never promised in his Course content also helped me the training

    8.Mainly the Second training i.e " BPC 10 End to End Implementation training " is very Realistic and gave me real time exposure to BPC Implementation project helped me facing Interviews confidently

    9.I recommend All to go for 2 trainings compulsory before you start attending interviews

    After i undergo this training I too agree with KARAN as he always says " Quality Learning is only possible with Quality Training ".....

    Convey my regards to All your team.

    Special Thanks to KARAN for doing all this...

    I will be Loyal to you for my Entire Life time for doing all this help

    I would recommend this Package to All.

    Thank You Very Much.........

    Best Regards ,

  13. Hi All,

    Iam Sudhakar working in Malaysia as BI/BO Consultant. Iam very impressed with the course content as well as the trainer. Kiran as explained well each and every topic clearly.

    The quality of training and the videos are really good.Each and every topic is covered and clearly explained right from basics to advanced.

    I would recommend this training to consultants who are keen moving to BPC. I got good insight into BPC after going through the training. Thanks to Karan for keeping good communication.

    As promised by karan, server access is provided on time and the system is good as well.


  14. This is Hari,my background is I am a Basically SAP ABAP CONSULTANT working in USA, I want to shift to SAP BPC. So I choose institute “learnsapbyyourself “ it is very good institute to learn SAP BPC.
    Initially I scared whether they are going to give all the videos or not once I paid the full amount. But don’t scared , Once I paid the money immediately they shared to me the BPC 10 and BPC end to end training videos, I have completed almost planning videos , it is very easy to learn SAP BPC with these videos. Karan is also available every time on the call or email, if we have a any droughts on the during the course.
    Thank you Karan.

  15. I am BI consultant Working in MNC firm bangalore.course content neatly designed and as well as the trainer.

    server access provided in time and system is good as well.
    Please try to provide a book (300-400 page) covering important point that are covered in all the tutorials, so that we can avoide repeated visit to slides for any clarification.
    I bought also the end to end implementation but I have not stated yet, will provide you the update once i complete the course.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nagaraj G.P

    1. I suggest you to Maintain Good Communication with us through Mail (or) Calls regarding any issues you are facing , So we can provide Good Solution to you...

      So that's why I called you now Regarding problem of Provide some book , As we discussed i forwarded a PDF consisting all BPC 10 Explanations along with Screenshots of Server of Executions of everything in 499 pages , please take Printout and go through it along with training..

      Also try to Maintain your Own Notes while going through the Classes.

      If you have Any Issues Feel Free to MAIL ME (or) CALL ME.......

      We are Always here to Help You out.......

  16. This is a great package for Self Learning. Helps grow into BPC one step at a time. The End to End modules are a great innovation too. helps give you a feel of the Implementation approach and gets you thinking.

    Great job folks!

  17. Excellent mode of training,
    Feeling confident about knowledge after E2E training
    Committed team and provided everything which was committed
    Help on each stage of training
    Ultimate unparralled service

  18. With over 15 years of FICO, SD, BW and recent HANA experience, I wanted to upgrade my skills.

    BPC 10 Self Study kit provided by this team has been excellent. Well organized and adequately paced for self learning.

    The End to End kit is a great confidence booster. It preps you for real life projects and facing interviews.

    Having completed the BPC Planning sessions, I cant wait to get into the Consolidation sessions.

    Great job folks. Continue the good work.


  19. hi this is narendra my edu back ground is when i am searching for good institue for sap bpc in online i saw a website learnsapbpcbyurself i studied all things & i like to approach through mail mr. karan given all detailed about sap bpc very clearly & i bought this E2E PACKAGE he gaved me E2E videos & especially SAP PRESS BOOK so much helping me. karan was helping in every movement when i was in product training & for practising purpose karan has providing me server access for best practising & so much fast compared to installed in ihe system. now i completed my product training & i started my E2E project i hope that this can be also helping me for my best carrer thanks karan forever........

    best regards,

  20. This is a great self study package. I am done with the first part of Video training. I am very much impressed as the topics are covered in depth with examples and explanations. The Materials that you provided is also covered in detail. I am looking forward to have to start with E2E and then give my comment for it. As you promised server access is good with latest version. I recommended to have this training and a great thanks to Karan for doing this tremendous job to help ppl to learn BPC. Keep up the good work and you guys are doing a great work!!


  21. Name: Shiva Kumar
    Place: Hyderabad
    Present module: SAP FICO
    Hello Friends,
    SAP BPC training from Gritesh is really excellent. Comparing it with the certification material, Gritesh's video training covered all the topics. Training material is of good quality and he speaker speaks slowly and clearly.

    Initially I was not sure if I am investing the amount without knowing anything about the quality of training materials and if is worth spending for the topics. However, after taking the training material and the course, I feel I did a good thing by believing in Gritesh. My suggestion to others - believe and take the course and you will not be at a loss. Training is of very good quality and advantage is you can start reading when ever you get some time instead of waiting for a particular time just like in a class room.

    Also, while practising on the server, I faced couple of errors during learning and I have sent the errror screenshots to Gritesh. By next day morning, he has solved the error. This is something really appreciable.

    Thank You.

  22. Hello Friend,

    This is Naresh working on SAP FICO. Just want to share my Feedback on this.

    I have purchased the BPC 10 Package & I got the material on the next day of payment. I'm in the middle of the training and I am very happy abt the materiel they provided. The Videos was well organized and can understand to a layman. It will help us even if we don't have much knowledge on SAP.

    First I should appreciate the Continuous Support from KARAN via Mails/Calls providing the solutions, guidance, valuable suggestions etc.,

    Hats-off to the TEAM WORK done by Karan & Team. WORTH TO TRUST.

    Note:- Please just follow the guidelines provided by KARAN for effective learning.

    Thanks a lot... All the best guys...

  23. Hi Gritesh,

    This is Amith from Malaysia currently working as a FICO consultant for over 7 years. I have been going through the Training recordings and parallelly with the BPC certification materials following my subscription last month May 2015. I should admit that the entire training structure built is just perfect to understand the module clearly. I have received what was promised to me when purchasing the training pack.


  24. Hello Gritesh,

    I am Maddi Balaji Gupta, from Bangalore, India, having around 11 years of overall experience. I bought the two CD`s consistig of entire SAP BPC training. The

    CD`s are so good and distinct in the trainning impartion with Live examples. Especially, the faculty is having sound knowledge in SAP BPC. To be precise,

    thanks for the good work that you have put to make people understad the training modules so self.


    Balaji Gupta

  25. Hi,
    "Learn sap bpc by youself is true in my case by following
    Sap bpc 10 package dvds contain Excellent teachingVideos,Good study material,easy to learn for who is new for this couse like me.
    All the topics are covers in the dvds as per their Course Content in their site.
    Good support as well as Good guidence from Mr.Karan
    Delivery service is also very good and within time we received .

    Special thanks to Mr.karan and his team.

    Thank you

  26. Hi,

    Recently I've purchased SAP BPC 10 Package from Gritesh. As promised, I've received all the material related to planning and end to end implementation. I have gone through the training videos of planning, really impressive. The quality of training is really good. The trainer explained each and everything in a simple manner so everybody can understand without knowing what is BPC? I would suggest anyone who wants to become a SAP BPC consultant, please visit this blog and go for BPC 10 package.
    I also have very good support from Gritesh while doing my training.

    Keep up the good work. I wish you all the very best for your future assignments.
    Once again thanks for all your support Gritesh.


  27. Dear friends,

    I am really Feeling honored to give my feedback here.

    I am from Chennai doing job in non-sap and planning to change to SAP, While Searching for best training in Market i found this website and started interacting with KARAN..

    When i talked to KARAN for first time, He explained of what all are covered in training, How to practice, How to prepare, How he will support me....etc.,

    Friends there is lot of information in this website, please go through this website thoroughly.

    When i purchased this package due to some network problem, From my bank account 3 times transfer took place by mistake. On the Next day itself Karan transferred All 2 transfers of excess amounts to my bank account.

    This shows KARAN genuineness and Honesty...

    I received the Package on Next day only...

    All the trainings are fantastic and All the contents in the package are Same exactly as per the course contents.

    Mainly the Learning program designed by Karan is very good which made easy of learning BPC.

    The Training coverage is also very wide covering many versions and platforms.

    This program gave me complete freedom of learning at our free and convenience time.

    While i am learning KARAN gave good support and guidance from time to time in replying all my mails and calls.

    I recommend this to Anyone. Go for Full package only

    There are plenty of oppourtunities for SAP BPC in the Market.

    All the best KARAN for your future assignments.

    Hatsoff to you Karan.


  28. you would not trust as there are many online training providers, but when searching for a switch and get in call with Ritesh, there is no looking back... He clears all the doubts in call or email and best part is step by step training which gives indepth understanding of the concept.

    Materials are good and when you want to make a move in the career, Give a call to ritesh the rest follows.

    Am from India Non Sap profile,

  29. Dear All,

    Karan is doing amazing job by giving this kind of package offering best training in the market.

    Exceptional quality and impressive coverage by the Team of karan, can't get better than this

    Superb support from karan in all aspects.

    Fantastic online BPC server for practicing.

    Totally satisfied and highly recommended to everyone....

    Thanks and Regards

    vibhor varshney

  30. Hi Gritesh ,

    This is Sagar from new delhi (India), having experience of 8-9 years in finance & Accounts. i bought Complete package of BPC (training & E2E) last month. all the topics and contents are covered as promised . Quality of Videos and sound are awesome.

    I am much satisfied with the product quality and support from Gritesh

    Overall its a best and worthy training

    Sagar Javane

  31. Hi all

    I am an FICO consultant involved in implementation for over 10 years. I wanted to upgrade my skills, so on browsing the net and talking to a few training providers in Bangalore, i decided to go with Leansapbyyourself, mainly for the following reasons :

    1. It suits me to study at my convenience and practice anytime as the server access is available at all times.
    2. Self study with access to clarify my doubts
    3. Finally, the info provided by Gritesh during my phone conversation was very helpful

    I took the entire package which includes the training in BPC and the Implementation training (E2E). So far i have happy with the way things are going.

    I would highly recommend them.

    Lokesh Srinivas
    FICO Consultant

  32. I am working as FICO consultant from past 10 years. As everyone above I was looking for BPC training online and saw this website. I was skeptical initially but after talking to Gritesh I got confidence and took BPC 10 package. I am glad I did that. He provided more than he promised on our intial call. Training is really good. I liked the way he divided each concept and worked on server to show practically after each chapter. Also course schedule is in alignment with certification which is one of my main requirement. Never had any issue with server connection for practice and Gritesh responded to any questions I hd as soon as possible. I would really recommend this training who is looking to learn BPC in their own time.
    Thanks for everything Gritesh.