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Many People had Many Doubts regarding SAP BPC , I Tried to clarify ALL your Doubts.....

Which You can be termed as as ALL FAQ'S on SAP BPC :


SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC)

We All Know SAP Means SYSTEM APPLICATIONS & PRODUCTS IN DATA PROCESSING. SAP Ranks First as the ERP and So the Market is Huge Opportunities

SAP BPC is one of the Module of SAP.There are Many Modules in SAP like FI,CO,BI,BPC,BO,HANA,HR.....etc..,

BPC stands for Business planning & Consolidation...
BOPC  stands for Business Objects planning & Consolidation
Both are same only......


Planning is Very Essential for All Company for  its Growth and Perspective.......

No Company will be there without doing planning , budgeting , forecasting....etc.,

SAP BPC is used by Many Companies World-wide for their Planning Budgeting, Forecasting , Consolidation and Reporting . 

This is Only Tool Which Offers All these Solutions.

So We Can do Following in SAP BPC  :





Our Training DVDs Covers ALL SAP BPC from very Basic Fundamentals onwards and Also Compare SAP BPC Tool with All other Competitive Tools and Highlights All the Benefits and Advantages that we get from BPC Tool.

Who Can Learn SAP BPC ?

Students , IT Employees of Any fields

Any one Who wants to Pursue Best Career in SAP Can Learn SAP BPC.

What are Pre-requisites  for Learning of SAP BPC ?


There are NO Any Pre-requirements for Learning SAP BPC , You Can Learn Everything related to SAP BPC if you Select Best Training in Market available.

Our SAP BPC Package Covers All , Whis the BEST Training to Learn in Market


Is SAP BPC is a Functional  (or) Technical Module ?

The SAP BPC is Both Technical & Functional Module.......

Why Functional :
All the Data we use in SAP BPC is Related to Accounts and Finance only Like Revenue Planning , Finance Planning ,...etc., You Should Learn only how to do this BPC Tool...

 Preferred Qualification : , , CA , ICWA , CFA , CIMA .etc.,
Anyone  Working in FI (or) Co ...etc., in Any Functional Modules also Can Learn SAP BPC....

You Can Learn ALL Technical Aspects Very Easily with Our Training Videos......

Why Technical :

Even Some Technical Aspects are Involved in SAP BPC Like Modelling of Data , Script Logics , ETL process , Excel working ...etc., A very Basic Accounting Knowledge is Like what is Income , what is Expense , What is Asset ,.....etc.,

Preferred Qualification : Btech , MCA , Mtech , Bsc Computers , Msc Computers....etc

Anyone Working in SAP BI (or) SAP BO (or) ...etc., in Any Technical Module also Can Learn SAP BPC

We provide you the Best Materials to Learn Accounting & Financial Concepts Required for SAP BPC. ...


So Everyone had Scope in this Module.........



Some Basic Accounting Knowledge like What is Profit and Loss Account , what is Balance Sheet and its items what are Assets and Liabilities....etc.,

We provide you the BEST Materials and PPT'S  to learn Accounting & financial concepts required for SAP BPC. (in our TRAINING DVDS)

Even all the Students from Coming from Technical Background can Very Easily Learn all the BASIC ACCOUNTING KNOWLEDGE from Our Materials given in Our Training DVDs....


No No No.........You do not need Any Programming Knowledge...

Normally in SAP BPC , we use some Scripting Language only in Script Logics of BPC . there this Scripting Language is discussed from Very Basics to very detail...Our Training makes you very very Easy in this..


There are 2 platforms in SAP BPC :

   SAP BPC MS (Microsoft Platform)

   SAP BPC NW (Net Weaver Platform)

Almost 80% is Same for Above Two platforms Except with Some Differences  in Back-end.  Even when we see a Report also will be SAME in Both Platforms.

In Each Platform there are 2 Versions mostly used , They are :

   SAP BPC 7.5 NW  and  SAP BPC 7.5 MS

   SAP BPC 10 NW (or) SAP EPM 10

Most Multinationals and Big corporations are Already Following SAP BPC 7.5 Only......

Now New Implementations going on for BPC are Preferring only SAP EPM 10 and Recently Very Few Companies Started Upgrading to this Version also.
So Everyone Should Learn SAP BPC 7.5 As well As SAP BPC 10 or SAP EPM 10.

To Participate in Implementations , Support , Roll-overs , Up gradations .....etc., of Many Projects of Many Companies So we should have Knowledge of both  SAP BPC 7.5 and SAP EPM 10

Many Companies had Requirement a Person having Sound Knowledge in Both......

Both Versions with Both Versions are Covered in Our SAP BPC PACKAGE

What is SAP EPM 10  ( BPC 10 ) ?

EPM stands for Enterprise Performance Management. BPC stands for Business Panning and Consolidation. SAP EPM 10  is the new name given by SAP for their latest version of the SAP BPC 10.  SAP BPC is no more a standalone application and its one of the prime application of EPM suite, which also contains other applications like SAP Strategy Management, SAP Spend Performance Management, SAP Supply Chain Performance Management, etc. However the functionality of the SAP BPC is same.


1.SAP BPC is referred as SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation or SAP BoPC (Business Objects Panning and Consolidation), after the acquisition of Business Objects by SAP. 

2: EPM is similar to management disciplines such as CPM (Corporate Performance Management),  
    BPM (Business Performance Management), FPM (Finance Performance Management)

Why to Learn SAP BPC......?

SAP BPC is used by All Multinationals and Big corporations for their Business planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Consolidation & Legal & Managerial Reporting World-Wide . So it is obvious that you will be placed in a Fortune Big companies / projects.

So BPC Consultants had World -Wide Market with Huge Opportunities....

The SAP BPC market is really heating up at the moment & huge demand for SAP BPC skilled resources.

SAP BPC consultants are the Highest paid SAP consultants worldwide.To Know : Click Here

Even in Malaysia, Singapore , USA ,Dubai, Thailand, UK....etc..,  had Huge Demand for SAP BPC , Even you can check in Naukri, monster,....etc..,


Even people having done SAP FI or CO or BI/BW and doing jobs in these fields can also upgrade to SAP BPC to get Good salaries, Good Reputation & for better JOB changeover , Even the Companies are Offering High Salaries for Multi-Talented  Consultants having Knowledge and Experience in As many as Modules....


What is the Relation Between SAP BPC with CMA , CA......?

CMA ( Certified Management Accounting ) Profession is Related to ICWA (old) India and IMA in other Parts of the World...

Coming to CA is Chartered Accountancy Profession ..

So there is No Relation of SAP BPC to CMA and CA...

As We Said Above depending on the Background of Profession We Will Work as Functional Consultant (or) Technical Consultant (or) Techno-Functional Consultant...

Some Fake People in Market Showing All Outdated CMA Materials and Saying that they are Related SAP BPC of Worth 1000 $ and  Doing Exploiting and Cheating Many People...

CMA Materials Will Not be Useful for Better Learning of SAP BPC , So Please Try to Truths and PROTECT Yourself from these Kind of FAKERS...

We Never Say Words , We Simply Show TRUTH to Everyone...

To Know More TRUTH and FACTS of CMA Materials : CLICK HERE

Even Many People do Not Know All CA and CMA Materials are Available for Free Download in their Respective Institute Websites.....

So Do Not get Diverted (or) Trapped by these Kind of Fakers in Internet ..

Please go through "See your Right Hand Side Top of " IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL"


Our  " SAP BPC 10 Package " is LATEST and TRENDING NOW.


For SAP BPC 10 Package : CLICK HERE

For SAP BPC 10 Training : CLICK HERE

For SAP BPC 10 End to End Implementation Project :  CLICK HERE


  1. Till now i did not know what is bpc...?,Now i got good Information & knowledge on bpc....Good Informative website

  2. Boss how to get internationally certified SAP-BPC ?

  3. Hi Vamsee..

    The Certification of Any Module of SAP differs from Country to Country....Like if you are India you Should take Training & Exam Only through SAP Certified Training Institutes Like NIIT,...etc.,
    From Country to Country SAP will Relax Some Conditions for Certification...Here the Same Applies for SAP BPC also.....

  4. Hi,

    I have done my SAP FI certification and working as FI consultant. Now i want to learn SAP BPC. Can any one let me know the scope for an FI consultant in BPC and also the future of BPC ?

  5. Hi paka ,

    Now The Demand for SAP FI with SAP BPC is also very Good...The Functional Knowledge you had in SAP FI is also usefull in SAP BPC.
    You Can Learn SAP BPC very Easily , The SAP FI with SAP BPC will give you Better JOB Oppoutunities with Excellent Salary Hikes...Even the Companies are Preferring Employee with Multi-talented with Having Knowledge in Many Modules...

    The Demand for SAP BPC Consultants is increasing day-by-day...

    Feel Free MAIL ME :

    1. Hi Gritesh,

      Thank you for your valuable inputs on this. i only have minimum experience in SAP FI. its only been 1.5yrs SAP FI experience.. Can i know is this the right time to learn BPC so that it would be added advantage to my skill set.

  6. the brief summary was really helpful. Post more details regarding CA role in BPC and its gud to be in SAP Consulting rather than moving to TAX Or Audit profile for a CA.

  7. thanks for good information for SAP BPC. I am new in the SAP field. I am belong to technology field. how much time have to spend to learn this BPC?

  8. Ashish Deshpande1 August 2013 at 04:19

    This is Ashish... Working as power user and implementation experience as core team member... CA with 12 years exp in Accounts, taxation, costing... I always wanted to have career in SAP, but not able to do it due to some constraints... Still have in mind to shift to SAP as career... Whether it is possible to go for SAP BPC career... I already have some basic understanding for SAP BPC... Also did course in ACCA IFRS... Please guide me..

    1. Hi Ashish,

      SAP BPC is Perfectly suits you because as you are CA and had very Good Experience and even had knowledge in IFRS...etc.,, Now a days even the companies had very good demand for CA BPC Consultants as functional Consultants. To discuss more please MAIL ME

  9. Hi,

    I was actually into SAP Security. But after reading the info you provided about BPC, I am interested in it. Is it possible for me to get into it. I have basic knowledge about accounts but not in deep. And also I will be a fresher. I am in SAP since 2 yrs. Suggest me...thank you.

    1. Hi Ravi,

      If you see Our COURSE CONTENT given in below link from 5th page to 7 th page:

      it tells you very clearly that our Training dvds Covers from very basics to very Advanced , Also our training covers both Functional and technical...

      In Addition to Regular training we are providing project based training for BPC Module, so which helps you clear interviews very easily and can work in project with out any troubles...

      Our AIM of training will be providing Complete Knowledge of 2 years BPC Consultant in the market of all his Experiences , Implementation of projects done , issues he faced , .....etc.,

      As you had 2 years experience in SAP, it will also helps you to enter in BPC very easily ..Your SAP Knowledge will also help you to learn fast of SAP BPC

  10. Hi, My name is Aditya. I am a fresher chartered accountant, post graduated in Computer Application(MCA).I am thinking of giving a push to my career in the field of ERP, but confused as to which module i shuold opt for. Please do suggest as to What should be my preferred choice.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Aditya,

      Yours is very Rare and Good Combination of both CA and MCA i.e both functional and Technical...You can have a Very Good Career in SAP as Techno functional consultants or only technical consultant or only functional consultant..etc.,
      This Means you had lot of opportunities to work beyond...

      If you had Any doubts , Feel Free to do Correspondence to
      my MAIL :

  11. Hi Gritesh,

    I am planning to learn SAP HCM along with SAP BPC. Please let me know your thoughts. Is it good?

    1. Hi Friend,

      Let Me Know More About Yourself to guide you Better..?

      Let Me know why you are planning to do like that ?

      Is there Any Specific Requirement of that...?

      With out Knowing All these details we cannot Say whether is good or not

  12. Hi There,

    I am working in SAP-BO....Will this help in understanding BPC ???
    What will be the value of BO knowledge with BPC ??

  13. Hi Hardik,

    Even Now there is Good Demand for BO BPC , You can Learn very Fastly with the Knowledge you had on BO and BI you had , There is No Any Connection BO and BPC , Both are Different...

  14. Hello! I could have sworn I've visited this web site before but after looking at some of the articles I realized it's new to me but it is fantastic and Excellent piece of Knowledge shared by gritesh. Nonetheless, I'm definitely Very Much Impressed of information provided on BPC

  15. Hi,

    I am currently working as SAP BI/BO consultant, Is learning BPC will boost my profile? Also from the above summary as mentioned, Do really a basic knowledge on P&L, Balance Sheet & Accounting terms is enough to learn BPC.

    1. Hi Lokesh,

      Now there are Very Good Opportunities for SAP BI BPC Consultants with very less Competition , But if you go only with SAP BI there is very Heavy Competition...Normally you will be hired as BPC Technical Consultant , if you had Some Accounting Knowledge it will be Helpful while working .In our Training we Cover both Function and Technical with Accounting basics , By this you can Acquire GOOD Accounting Knowledge also...

      We are Very Clear of what we are Covering,Try to go through below link for all Details :

  16. Excellent piece of knowledge, I had come through your web site from my friend, bangalore. I have readed All eight posts of your website and let me tell you, your website provides the most fascinating information about SAP BPC.

    The COURSE CONTENT in your Website is Excellent with Wide Coverage when Compared any other Training Institutes

    I am Very Much interested in purchase , I already dropped a MAIL...

    Awaiting for your Reply....


    1. Hi Deepu,

      I Replied your MAIL with All the Details , Please go through them.

      FEEL FREE to Ask us if you have Any Concerns......

    2. Thanks gritesh karan,

      its great pleasure that dvds are delivered to me in 1 working day only.

      He is Genuine and Entire Process is very Good , Systamatic and earned My trust.

      I am very Much Impressed After i going through all dvds , I Truly Value your Effort and Appreciate your

      Hard work for giving Such an Excellent Quality Training dvds to me.

      The SERVER ACCESS for practicing is also very Easy.

      In all the Way your Support is Excellent...

      I also Suggest Everyone not to get trapped by cheater Rajesh Naga who tell every one some fraud stories by Exploiting gritesh karan name..

      My self is the Live Example , He tried to trap me by telling So many Stories which are Not genuine .

      Do not get trapped and cheated by Some one

      Even Thank you Gritesh karan for Alerting me about these kind cheaters and hackers in internet through your "NOTICE TO ALL"...

  17. Good. I felt very happy by reading your information about BPC. Regards, Raj - SAP Basis trainer

  18. Hi,

    SAP BPC DVD's was very good.The DVD's is giving clear picture of the SAP BPC and it is providing good knowledge and Thanks to gritesh karan. I truly value your effort and appreciate your hard work for giving sch an excellent quality training DVD's to me.

  19. Hi
    Its very informative karan ji, but i do not have accouting background, can i take this SAP BPC course i am from computer background.please guide me on this.

    1. Hi Vamshi ,

      As i said Above , In every Module we will be having Technical Consultants, Functional Consultant & Techno functional Consultants. Surely you can go Ahead with this Course , Even Some Functional Aspects are Also Covered in My Training, So that you get good Knowledge of it. I Already Mailed you all details , Please go through them and Call me...

  20. I am graduate in Computer science and having 7 years of experience in Microsoft .Net technologies and would like to come in to SAP umbrella..Is SAP BPC suits for me or please suggest me is there any other module in SAP which suites me based on my technical background.

    1. Hi Maheshwar,

      SAP is Major Market holder in ERP Market, In SAP BPC We can see Plenty of Job Opportunities due to Huge Demand for Lack of Skilled BPC Resources , Day by Day they are Increasing Globally...

      When you are Planning to Come under SAP Umbrella , The BPC Module Best Suits you and Enable you to Enter into JOB very Fastly with Less Competition , But Try to Select BEST Training for this....

      In Our Training We Cover 2 Version of BPC with 2 Platforms , So it Enable you a Wide Opportunities to Work Anywhere in BPC and in Any Version in BPC...With Many Many Additional Benefits...

      Please go through All Post in this Website and then MAIL ME :

      All the BEST.....:)

  21. Hi Gritesh,
    I am basically manual tester having 3.6 years of experience and when i surfing the net came to know there is lot of demand for SAP BPC am very impressed and interested to learn SAP BPC and switch over to SAP this the right time to switch over?

    1. Yes balaji , This is the Right Time to switch to SAP with help of BPC Module , As there are plenty of Opportunities , But Consultants are very Less Available....Try to Utilize it....

  22. Hi gritesh,
    I need your suggestion regarding BPC MODULE.Currently I am working as an ABAP consultant since 1.5 years.If I opt for BPC module...will it be benefitiary for me...Or should I continue in ABAP FIELD only.I am an btech(Information Technology).kindly guide me....

  23. HI Gritesh,
    I am graduate(2002) 10 years of experience in Engineering Field(Project) and i would like to switch in to Software filed.Is SAP BPC suits for me or please suggest me is there any other module in SAP which suites me based on my technical background. Plz send me deatils about CLass room training .

    1. Hi Reddy,

      SAP is Widely Implemented by Many Companies & it had Huge Market of Openings regularly,But When we are planning to Enter into SAP Market , We Should Enter SAP with the Module which had Less Competition and More Opportunities. If you See Modules Like FI , CO , BI.....etc., they had very Huge Competition for getting jobs and More Experiences are Required for them....

      If You See BPC Module , the Implementations are tremendously increasing day by day by Many Companies Globally in the same way the Job Requirement for BPC Consultants are also increasing .The Competition in this Module is very very Less when Compared to Any other Modules in SAP..

      Our BPC Training Package helps you to Learn SAP BPC from vey Basics to going Very Advanced .
      Also it Covers 2 Versions of BPC with 2 Platforms along Project Based Training with Exposure to Multi-Modules of SAP..

      Please go through our COURSE CONTENT , then you will Come to Know Standards & Quality of Out Training :

      If you Still have Any Doubts , Please MAIL ME :

      ALL THE BEST....:)

  24. Hi Gritesh, I am a Chartered Accountant and have been an end user of SAP for over 8 years dealing in FI, CO, SD, PS, MM and BW. If I do the course surely it’ll be hard for me to get into SAP BPC with a consultancy firm because I have no experience besides theoretical knowledge? Now a days firms want experience and project cycle experience. I am really keen to move fields but this is a big barrier.



    1. Hi Alex,

      No its Not a BIG Barrier ,Whatever End User Experience you had is also Helpful in Changing JOB.

      Normally when you are working in Some Other field and Planning to Shift into SAP BPC
      You Should Select a Right Training which Includes :

      1.Learning Popular & Latest Versions of BPC ,

      2.Project Based Training Covering Real-Time Scenarious ,

      3.Getting Access to Live project Documentation for Knowing How Projects are Implemented and Supported in Companies,

      4.Learning All these in Very Less Time.

      Finally the Training Which We Attend Should GAIN Some Experiance in SAP BPC..

      Even Our "SAP BPC Package" Completly focuses on All Above with Many Additional Benefits also.
      All these are Not Available in Regular Trainings (or) Online Trainings which is Known to
      Learners Only after they Spend Lot of Time and Lot of Money....

      Website then Most of your Questions & your Doubts are Resolved..

      Selecting RIGHT TRAINING PATH is the Secret of Successful Carrier in SAP BPC.

      When We gain Good Experiance in Training of SAP BPC , then Even we Can Show Good
      Experiance to Companies in Shifting into SAP BPC.

      Only in Some Cases the Companies are Hiring freshers of CA or Btech and are giving
      training for BPC Like FI , Co...etc.,

      SAP BPC Module Globally including in INDIA is having huge requirements with very Less Competition...

      Everyone this Right Time to Shift into SAP BPC

      For More Details Please MAIL ME :

      ALL THE BEST....

      Thank You

  25. Hi Karan

    Im into SAP security...the explanation on BPC was simply the best, cheers to you
    One of my friends is flying to US for job based on BPC..even Impressed on BPC after ur explanation on as an security(SAP) guy, will it be good idea if i want to shift into BPC..waiting for your Reply

  26. Hai.. I m samanth.. I completed my btch.
    can I get job by doing bpc?
    Is there ready job opportunities?

  27. Hi Gritesh ,

    Myself Raj working in FICO from USA , Materials Provided by You are Really Comprehensive.
    My Recommendation to Anyone to Everyone without Any Second Thoughts to Go Ahead and Make
    Purchase and you won't regret...

    Thanks for Being So Responsive Gritesh

    Raj Jagiripu

  28. Hi Gritesh,

    I am into SAP filed for almost 7.6 years. I am into SAP ABAP / Workflow. Would it be appropriate for me to step into SAP BPC. Is it related to gel with SAP ABAP.

  29. Hello,

    I am Ajinkya. I have done B.Com, Post Graduate Dip. In Banking & Finance and MBA in Finance. Prior to this I have 2 years of HR experience in Infosys BPO. Currently I am working in Tata on SAP FI module in global support team and have 1.8 yrs of experience. Hence, let me know how I can move into SAP BPC either as end user or a consultant?

    1. Hi Ajinkya

      You had very Good Experiences , As already you started your Career in SAP as FI Consultant in a support team , Now you can Easily Learn SAP BPC and can Shift your to BPC also....

      Now FI BPC is very demanded in the SAP Market....

  30. Hi, iam Nagesh, I am a building architect. I want to shift to software field as there is no financial growth in architecture field. One my friend suggested me to learn sap bpc. I have 6 yrs exp in construction field. But no exp in software field. So is it really helps me. Pls suggest... Thank youc

    1. We All Know "Where there is a WILL there is a Way".......So Any thing Can be done...

      But the Very Important thing is how we focus Our Career in Resume before entering into SAP and gaining of Experienced Training in the Level Training of SAP BPC is very Important....

      To Know More MAIL ME :

  31. Hello Gritesh,

    Good Morning !!!

    Currently i am working for SAP BI with 8+ years of experience. From last few months, i am looking for SAP-BPC tutorials.But, luckily today I got an opportunity to visit your site.

    In near future i want to see myself as BI+BPC consultant. I want to work in India /abroad with good career growth & good package.

    Please let me know your opinion in this context. (Also let me know the cost of BPC material & your contact number)

    Awaiting for your reply.

    With regards,
    Swaroop Kumar

    1. Hi Swaroop ,

      Thanks for Mailing me to :

      Its Really Nice Speaking to You , By Now All your Doubts are Clarified once after you talking to me...

      All the BEST.....:)

  32. Hai karan ,

    You're so interesting and Fantastic , I don't believe I've truly read through a single thing like this before. So Nice to find someone with some original thoughts on this subject. Seriously..many thanks for starting this up. This website is something that's needed on the internet.

    someone with a Originality and Creativity !

  33. Hi sir,

    I completed BI training in Mumbai , The Training Institute took 6 months to complete it . Even i kept 4 years of Experience i am not getting good no of calls.

    Now i am in Confusion of what to do ?? , If i do BPC will it be usefull...??

    please guide me sir..

    1. Hi kamal,

      Now there are Very Good Opportunities for SAP BI BPC Consultants with very less Competition , But if you go only with SAP BI there is very Heavy Competition...Normally you will be hired as BPC Technical Consultant , if you had Some Accounting Knowledge it will be Helpful while working .In our Training we Cover both Function and Technical with Accounting basics , By this you can Acquire GOOD Accounting Knowledge also... We are Very Clear of what we are Covering,Try to go through COURSE CONTENTS.....

      For More Details MAIL ME :

  34. Dear Sir,
    I was impressed by seeing such great information provided in this blog. Very nice!

    I am basically Textile technologist having 6 years experience in marketing.

    I do not have any previous IT experience. But I am using SAP application as end user since 4 years working in SD module. Also have good knowledge of work in SAP reports (Downloading the raw data from SAP and converting them into reports in MS-Excel/ Open Office after vomiting unwanted information from raw table). Example: Sales report, Billing register, Customer ledger statement, etc.

    I was very much interested to learn any SAP module as I hope this will helps me to get better carrier with good salary.

    One of my friends suggested learn SAP-BPC module which would have better carrier and salary.

    So could you please guide me how to proceed further?
    As I am non-IT candidate, I’d little worry about whether I am suitable to do this course or not.

    Kindly help me with your guidance.


    1. Hi yogi ,

      As i said Above Any one is suitable for learning SAP BPC.

      Now a days there are very good Opportunities all over the world for SAP BPC.

      This is the Right time for Anyone to Learn SAP BPC and can have BEST Career....

      Learning SAP BPC is very very easy if you follow our " SAP BPC PACKAGE ".....

      For More Information , Please Mail Me :

  35. Please can anyone tell me is BPC different than BI/BW ??...what is exact difference between them??

    1. Hi roy,

      As we all Know SAP Captured Big Market in ERP Segment than other ERP Tools....

      There are Many Modules in SAP Like FICO,BW ,BO,BPC,HANA......etc.,

      Each module had its own importance of using for a specific purposes...

      BI/BW is used for OLAP ( Online Analytical Processing) i,e for Reporting , Even Now many companies are using BO Crystallized reports for that...

      BPC is used for Planning and Consolidation as explained above.......

      See the Above Video to Know More about SAP BPC...

      Both Purposes are different....

    2. Hi gritesh,

      I have 2.6exp on SAP i am interested to learn HANA as it is hot in SAP ground. Could you please suggest me how about BPC.which one i need to go..

      Many thanks!!
      Suresh P

    3. Hi Suresh,

      BW+BPC+HANA is very hot in the market , it is Best Suggestible to you......

      Learn SAP BPC also to have Best Carrer Oppourtunities in the Market....

  36. Hi Gritesh Karan, I am from background and into IT field for the last 7 years (not SAP). Now iam planning to move to SAP BPC. please advise me.


  37. HI gritesh karan,
    I have 9 years experience in pharma marketing . I am planning to learn sap bpc I have good knowledge about basic principles of accounts and excel .my graduation is bsc computers and mba with marketing and systems.please suggest me SAP BPC is good for me or no.

  38. Please go through all above then MAIL me :